During the 1968 Fall Joint Computer Conference (a semi-annual joint meeting of the then major computing societies) held in San Francisco, the ARC lab harnessed some leased video links to the conference site, borrowed an unusual, new device that could project dynamic video brightly onto a 20-foot screen needed to provide readable NLS screens in a space holding 1000-plus attendees. At a special session, Engelbart, operating NLS from the stage through a home-made modem, used NLS to outline and then concretely illustrate his ideas to the audience while members of his staff (with their faces shown on the screen) linked in from his lab at SRI. A standing ovation concluded this mother of all demos the first public demonstration of the computer mouse, of hypermedia, and of on-screen video teleconferencing (from bootstrap.org/chronicle). To view the full video, please visit our sister site: