Doug Engelbart's  I N V I S I B L E    R E V O L U T I O N


A Conversation with Doug Engelbart     D  R  A  F  T


We will be visiting California mid-August to spend a week filming conversations with Doug. This is for a free-standing documentary and for inclusion in the longer documentary due later in the year. Most of the footage will be of Doug talking, though not all sitting down, there will be shots of Doug and Fleur going for walks and discussing his work in different locations. Family photographs and photographs of Doug at work will also be used. We will be adding interviews with other pertinent people as we move along as well, like Bill English and his wife. Most likely family members. We will also likely add some of the footage of Vint Cerf, Howard Rheingold and Jeff Rulifson in addition to doing new interviews with them.


Script outline with research