Dr. Douglas Carl Engelbart is the man who invented the mouse, windows, hypertext (hypermedia) and most of the other human computer interfaces we use today.

This site is intended as an easy access point to his vision, his history and current work. Please note that this site is unofficial though produced with the help of Doug Engelbart.


Historical Background & Conceptual Framework

Current Work Further Information

OHS Overview Document by Doug Engelbart. The idea behind the Open Hyperdocument System, straight from the man himself

OHS in use : Thought Processing vs. Word Processing. A simple walkthrough of what it will be like to use a possible incarnation of OHS.

Cynapse.org was an effort to put Doug's vision into a Requirements Document and a later a technical Spec. It was abandoned when it dawned on me Doug will be better served preaching his philosophy, not trying to push a specific implementation whic sounds too much like a product.

HyperScope LIVE Concept Demo The HyperScope is the first start towards an Open Hyperdocument System. It will be a lightly modified web browser (through JavaScript, Java and plug-ins, not a completely separate application) supported by an "Intermediary Processor" (which operates between the browser and the files or data bases holding existing working knowledge of a collaborative community. The HyperScope is not an editor. This demo basically just adds a control frame to the bottom of browsed Bootstrap documents to allow the user to see the document in outline form, to highlight any keyword and to address each paragraph separately. Built by The Liquid Information Company, coding by Jan Ploski, project mangament by Steve Schmidt.

The Bootstrap Institute is Doug' research center.

Doug Engelbart official page

Bootstrap Institute (Doug Engelbart's Research Institute)

Hegland's talk on Engelbart at CAP @ OSU Computers and philosophy & Oregon State University, January 24th 2002.