Augmentation Research Center
with High Performance Teams

The Vision
   Crusade Hunting

History of the First ARC
   Berkeley - Biding Time & Basics
   HP - Quick Detour
   SRI - Gaining A Foothold
   The Business Of Scaling
   Licklieder & Funding
   SRI ARC & Precursor
   The 62 Paper
   ARC Successes

Basic requirements for ARC
   From the First ARC
   21st Century ARC
   Scope of ARC
   Basic Technologies To Develop

     More Powerful & Flexible Linking

     More Powerful & Flexible Command Interaction
     Collaboration Support
     More Powerful & Flexible Views
     Security & Verifiability
     Multiple Levels Of User Interface
   Smooth Upgrade Path

     Legacy Support

     Built In Support For Competition
     Built In Support For Evolution

     Adherence To Open Standards
     Explicit Documentation &
       High Level Of Encapsulation of Code


   Development Schedule


   Useful Terms
   Useful Links