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NLS (oNLineSystem, later re-named Augment) was first demonstrated to the public at the 1968 Fall Joint Computer Conference in a remarkable 90-minute multimedia presentation, in which Engelbart used NLS to outline and illustrate his points, while others of his staff linked in from his lab at SRI to demonstrate key features of the system. This demo of NLS was the world debut of the mouse, hypermedia, and on-screen video teleconferencing.
The OHS Project is developing open source environments and tools for collaborative knowledge management, building on XML and other open standards as well as NLS. OHS is being designed to manage and create knowledge across the Internet, allowing users to package and share information for collaborative work. OHS is truly scalable and evolutionary.
The HyperScope will be the first component of the OHS. The HyperScope is a browser-like tool that allows the user to access the features of the OHS. Its relationship to the OHS is the same as a normal browser's relationship to the Web -- but the HyperScope will allow the user to navigate, access, and distribute information in new and powerful ways. It's first incarnation will be that of a server based intermediary with no modification of the users Web browser. This will be followed by browser plug-ins and will potentially become a full browser in its own right


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