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Welcome to the Invisible Revolution, a web documentary about Doug Engelbart, the man who invented much of the information environment we live in today - the computer mouse, word processing, email, hypertext and so on. In short: Interactive computing.

This is his story, and the story of his fellow dreamers, thinkers, doers - revolutionaries - who changed our lives forever.

How did we go from using computers with punched cards - where you'd have to wait a day for the results of your calculations - to sitting around in coffee shops with laptops? It's a long and fascinating story, told here with text, voice and video.

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We hope you find Doug's story as important and inspirational as we do and that you will take the time to look beyond the tools he invented and reflect on the reason he invented them.

The 40th anniversary of Doug's demo was celebrated December 2008. Have a look at why it's such a big deal for our history and our future: The Significance of Two Pasts.

Frode Hegland & Fleur Klijnsma

We miss you Doug. Rest in peace.